Quick Start

In this section, you will be shown how to start using the OnVision API from scratch.

Create your OnVision account

OnVision offers a variety of services which are available to our customers, Including our API's . To use the OnVision services, you need to have an OnVision account. To create a OnVision account please get in contact with us through our website .You can also use this link to do so: https://onvision.ai/free-trial/

Generate a token

Before you can use any of the API's, you need to generate a token through our web service. This token will be needed by every API.

First, Login to our web service via: http://login.onvision.ai/Login.aspx

Then click the Configuration section on the menu and select "API Config". This is where you'll find your Access key.

After taking your access key click the "API authentication" tab. Create a new user by typing in a username and password for the user, then click save.

You must create at least one user before you can use the API

Get token, send request

After getting you access key, your username and password, you can head to our web service where you will use these three credentials to get your token. This token will be used to access all other API's.

The token you receive will expire after 48 hours

Post: https://testapi.onvision.ai/wsservice.asmx



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